Syllabus – Electrical Systems

Semester – I
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
2.Electrical Technology3
3.Engineering Calculation3
4.Power Electrical & Safety3
5.Industrial Wiring Techniques3
6.Engineering Drawing2
7.Electrical Lab-I3
8.Electrical Workshop-I10

Semester – II
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
1.Computer Fundamental3
2Environmental Science3
3Industrial Motors & Starters4
4Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation3
5Fundamental of Management3
6Communication Skills12
7.Computer Fundamental Lab2
8.Electrical Lab – II2
9.Electrical Workshop – II8

Semester – III
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
1.Basics of Power Systems3
2Electrical Machines3
3Electrical Engineering Material3
4Basics Electronics Engineering3
5Business Management3
6Circuit Theory3
7.Electrical Machines Lab2
8.Basics Electronics Lab2
9.Electrical Workshop – III8

Semester – IV
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
1.Estimating & Costing of Electrical Engineering3
2Installation & Commissioning3
3Power Electronics3
4Power Systems3
5Power Plant Engineering3
6Digital Electronics & Microprocessor3
7Power Electronics Lab2
8Power System Lab2
9Electrical Workshop – IV8

Semester – V
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
1.Industrial Training30
Semester – VI
Sr. No.SubjectsCredits
1.Industrial Automation & Control3
2.Utilization of Electrical Engineering3
3.Non-Conventional Energy Sources3
4Industrial Management3
5Electrical Machine Design3
6.Electric Drives3
7.Electric Drives Lab2
8.Industrial Automation Lab2
9.Major Project10

3rd Semester Syllabus

W.E.F Session 2019-20 (As updated on 09/09/2019)

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