‘CULMYCA’ is acronym for cultural festival of the University. It is generally organized in the month of March.


(The Cultural cum Technical Fest of YMCAUST, Faridabad)

A mixed bag of experiences, a platform where ideas were exchanged, concepts unlearned and relearned through a gamut of student-led events. It was a springboard for those creatively inclined to showcase their talent. Elements Culmyca’17 (the annual cultural cum technical festival of YMCA) is the space for a complete celebration of youth. This year it aimed to celebrate the effervescence and vivacity of the students and provided them an opportunity to put their talents at vitrine.

CULMYCA went prognostic this year… with the theme of “PARIVARTAN”. We didn’t dream big for the future this time, instead we intended to build it with our own hands. There was an amalgamation of technology with culture with an attempt to make globe smart, starting with our own campus.

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Report on CULMYCA (11th-13th March, 2016)

It’s so rare, that you get to board a ship that has to sail through an ocean of learning, filled with all sorts of adventures, excitements & fun riot & must say Elements Culmyca’16 (the annual cultural cum technical festival of YMCA) was definitely one such sail.

This year it aimed to celebrate the effervescence and vivacity of the students and provided them an opportunity to put their talents at vitrine. From professional shows to amateur bands, From hover boards to UGVs (Unmanned Ground Vehicles), From coding to gaming, From folklores to lyrical sagas, From talk shows & guest lectures to quizzes and treasure hunts: ELEMENTS CULMYCA had a dish for every person in its platter!!

CULMYCA went prognostic this year… with the theme ‘INDIA version 20.50’, giving us a chance to take a leap into the future and see the DREAM INDIA.

While a lot of toil and sweat went into the fruition of the fest, our sponsors too played a significant role in its success. Various organisations associated with Culmyca were i3Indiya, Artist At Work, CodeChef, HacerRank, HackerEarth, MetaZone, Career Launcher, LearnBox, CollegeDesk, Paisa Wapas, EFY, Ace Engineering Academy, Chardi Kala, Italiano(Lucky Food Chains), Shiv Sweet House & Kerala Café.

11th March 2016 was the first day of Elements Culmyca 2K16. It witnessed a great enthusiasm of the organizers as well as the participants. All the cultural & technical clubs had their parts to play. The literary events for the day – JAM and Kaavyotsav received a huge response. JAM tested the spontaneity and wit of the contestants. Kaavyotsav, on the other hand, was a bilingual poetry recitation competition. The dramatics society, performed a lyrical play depicting a true love story of “Mummal & Mahendra”. The breath taking performances by the NIT Kurukshetra team, IIT Delhi Team & YMCAUST in the western Group Dance Competition stole the show. The fine arts club, organized Off Brush and Pencil Duel which tested the creativity of the participants. The Photography club organized Design revolution, Pic Of The Day, Cine Fiesta, Camero Ki Rasleela and Photobucket. Vivekananda manch organized Zumba, the free dance event which drew huge participation from students as well as teachers. Grand prix was the technical event wherein participants drove robo cars on the tracks. Cyber events such as Frost Code and Codewars and three fun events-LAN gaming, virtual reality show and PS4were organised. Frost code checked the programming skills of the participants by giving them a chance to code in multiple languages like C & LOLCODE. Codewars checked the debugging skills of the code geeks. LAN gaming attracted the gamers and gave them a platform to play games like counterstrike 1.6 and NFS most wanted. Virtual reality show and PS4 were also organized on the day. CADmania and Hoverrush. CADmania was basically a designing event and in Hoverrush participants had a radio controlled hovercart. This event witnessed participation from other universities as well. Electronics Club organized an event named engraver where the participants built a robot that could write for them. Techathalon was organized cumulatively by all the technical clubs and the first day turned out to be a great success.

12th March 2016, the second Day started on a great note with – Witsvilla and Brain Buster. Witsvilla was a three round event comprising of a Group Discussion, Extempore and Turncoat. Brain Buster, on the other hand, was a general knowledge quiz competition. The dramatics society organized Stage Play and Mime. The music society, three events for the day. WEIS was the Western, Eastern, Instrumental Solo competition and witnessed a great response. Mashup comprised of various eastern and western songs. Woodstock was a battle of bands which saw some of the finest raw musical performances were hugely cheered and appreciated by crowd during the mid – night show. The dance society, Nataraja, came up with an enthralling Flashback. The fine arts club, Srijan, organized Wink with the Ink and Paint the road which drew some of the finest artists of the NCR. Hepthalon was the fun event wherein rubix cube was solved and scribbling was done by the participants. Contraption was the technical event which tested the spontaneity and technicality of the contestants. Robo soccer gave the participants a chance for a soccer competition driven by robots and in Hoverrush participants had a radio controlled hovercart.

Besides all the cultural & technical events the major highlights of the third day was The Talkshow where the alumni of YMCAUST Mr. Sanjay Mann, CEO, Global Enterprise Business- Reliance Communications & Mr. Rakesh Bhatia Business manager, India region at STEELCO interacted with the students.

As it is said the best is saved for the last so was the case this time too when the Ymca drenched in the colours of music during the star performance of Agnee Band and reverberated the tunes of ‘Sadho Re’, “UjaleBaaz’,’Kabira’, ‘Yaariyan’ & ‘Aahatein’ with the string of passionate lovers banging their heads throughout.

The Elements Culmyca’16 undoubtedly was one of its kind and created an unprecedented experience for everyone associated with it. It culminated with the announcement Hardik Batra & Khyati Malhotra as Mr.& Ms. Culmyca respectively.

But, as a rule of thumb… no voyage can be completed without an able crew, where in each member plays a vital role. This sail too flourished under the guidance of Dr. S.K. Aggarwal (Dean Student Welfare), Dr. Sonia Bansal (Cultural President), Dr. Vasdev Malhotra (Technical President) and the tireless efforts of The BRIXX organising committee, Jayesh & Nikhil (Coordinators), Aishwarya & Divij (Marketing Heads), Eshita & Rohan (Logistic Heads), Anshul, Manjeet & Kapil(Hospitality Heads), Kamaljeet & Hemant (Security Heads), all the club Secretaries, Joint Secretaries & club members. Hope Elements Culmyca gets bigger and better.